Everything is peachy fucking keen
Jordy. 19 year old English major. Professional graveyard girl. I'm a hot mess of a punk raccoon, but at least I'm pretty. My talents include being really good at school, getting people to give me money, and having fantastic hair.

I care a lot about witches and baking.
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well i just realized all of criminal minds got added on netflix excuse me while i do a full scale rewatch

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teachers that add books 6 days before classes need to be melted in a vat of acid

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#I really fucking hate teachers who refuse to do their job properly#like dude I had two teachers last semester who didn't grade things for 2 months#and one that refused to ever tell you what your grade was
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i’m so glad that I signed up to be a math grader bc even though it’s not a confirmed job anytime someone asks me how I’m doing on the ~job hunt~ I can say I’m a math grader and I’m not lying woohoo no more awkward mumbling about my failure to get a job yet

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#basically either teachers contact you to grade or you can go find them and see if they need things to be graded#and starting the first week i'm gonna totally go bug teachers to give me work#which I'm fairly confident will work#finding them lets them think I'm driven and that I care#in reality I'm just broke and desperate for money#and also I'd like to try and get a fucking dining room table#it's the simple things in life#aka chairs
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